Importance of complementary therapies in the labor market

Complementary therapies are the techniques that bring together concepts of all the resources of therapeutic methods, never giving up the importance of conventional medicine and always placing the individual needs of each patient first and employing safe techniques that aim at health and well- being of the individual.

That is, complementary therapies are techniques that walk in accordance with traditional medicine and have been increasingly sought after by those who whenever they can, avoid the use of medicines or treatments that cause health damage.

Therefore, we can conclude that complementary therapies are a great benefit to the population, because besides being scientifically classified as efficient in the fight against chronic diseases, they can still aid in several treatments. With the dissemination of this information, obviously the need arises for professionals who have the broad mastery of these therapies.

But anyway, how do I specialize in this area?

The SENAC currently offers several free course courses aimed at completing therapies such as , Shiatsu, Aromatherapy and Chromotherapy. During the lessons the student understands the concepts that must be taken into consideration to apply the treatment to each patient. It is worth checking!

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