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Importance of complementary therapies in the labor market

Complementary therapies are the techniques that bring together concepts of all the resources of therapeutic methods, never giving up the importance of conventional medicine and always placing the individual needs of each patient first and employing safe techniques that aim at health and well- being of the individual.

That is, complementary therapies are techniques that walk in accordance with traditional medicine and have been increasingly sought after by those who whenever they can, avoid the use of medicines or treatments that cause health damage.

Therefore, we can conclude that complementary therapies are a great benefit to the population, because besides being scientifically classified as efficient in the fight against chronic diseases, they can still aid in several treatments. With the dissemination of this information, obviously the need arises for professionals who have the broad mastery of these therapies.

But anyway, how do I specialize in this area?

The SENAC currently offers several free course courses aimed at completing therapies such as , Shiatsu, Aromatherapy and Chromotherapy. During the lessons the student understands the concepts that must be taken into consideration to apply the treatment to each patient. It is worth checking!

Alternative therapies – Aromatherapy

Although still little known in some countries and often seen as a technique that does not produce benefits to its adherents. Aromatherapy, according to the Brazilian Association of Complementary Medicine (ABMC), is extremely beneficial to health and is a healing treatment that uses the smell and properties of essential oils.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils can be extracted from nature from leaves, plants and flowers and have several properties that benefit the maintenance of human health through its essence.

What is the main purpose of aromatherapy?

The main purpose of aromatherapy is to promote and maintain health and well-being through smells. However, because it is a natural medicine, many confuse it with something unreal, however the technique has been gaining many sympathizers and with this have arisen courses aimed at those who are curious and want to learn more about the benefits that this practice can bring us.

Alternative therapies have been increasingly used by those who have an aversion to the use of drugs indiscriminately and courses are offered by various institutions, are generally short-lived and can even be carried out at a distance.

Why choose the market for massage therapy?

Currently, the quest for the aesthetics market has been gaining more relevance. If a few years ago the importance of maintaining health and well-being was not so important, people today have become much more worried.

Whether due to the greater number of diseases considered contemporary anxiety and depression or the stress that our daily life generates, the need for physical and mental relaxation arose and with this the expansion of the market was turned to the professionals of massage therapy.

Studies point out that one aspect that contributed to this change in level was the growing number of male adepts, who previously did not care about aesthetics, either because of prejudice or lack of knowledge.

The expansion of the mass-market is so great that even large companies already see the need for professionals focused on these activities to increase the productivity of their employees and employees. So if you are still in doubt whether it is really worth risking in the massage market, do not be afraid as it is definitely worth it. It is worth mentioning that specialization and its determination are decisive in professional success.

Workshops – Towards massotherapy

Are you a lover of massage therapy but still have doubts whether it is really your vocation or it is just curiosity?

Rest assured that we will help you!

Have you ever heard of so-called workshops?

The Workshops are nothing more than meetings of a certain group of people in which discussion is opened on topics of common interest. Nowadays, there are numerous workshops focused on the area of ​​massage therapy, since the market focused on aesthetics, well-being and health is constantly expanding, which generates the greatest demand for trained professionals.

But are the workshops only for those who already work in the area?

The answer is no, because there are workshops aimed at those who want to know more about massage therapy practices and how they should work.

The workshops focused on massage therapy can be focused on a single objective, that is, the guidelines are focused on certain techniques in an intensive way, among the techniques we can mention Shiatsu, Lymphatic Drainage and Indian Head Massage or may be a method of greater coverage, in which it covers numerous techniques, these usually have a longer duration.